Corporate Education with The Waves Bundaberg.

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Like many of our larger clubs in Queensland The Waves Sports Club in Bundaberg recently upgraded its constitution to a company limited by guarantee from a Queensland-based incorporated association.

There are many reasons why Queensland clubs are choosing to make this transition, least of all being the significant responsibilities and liabilities placed on directors of companies as opposed to associations. Also, additional changes to the associations act has prompted some clubs to upgrade to corporate status, providing clubs with much greater freedom to manage their business, but at the same time significantly increases personal liability on directors to ensure they ethically maintain their club’s viability.

John Dickson, DWS chairman, has for many years provided corporate governance training to The Waves Club in Bundaberg. Following the club upgrading to company limited status John Dickson was asked to conduct a special corporate governance training session with the club’s board recently.

The session was held to highlight their increased liabilities and responsibilities and the greater freedom that the club has to manage and operate its business. Following the workshop the club’s Chairman Tony Castro and John Dickson (pictured below) enjoyed dinner at the club to further discuss the opportunities that limited liability status provides the club and the club’s Board.

The Waves club chairman Tony Castro and John Dickson  If you’re thinking about a change to your constitution, shoot me an email to today.c

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