2020 Salary and Recruitment Report

Writing my report on Queensland Salary and Recruitment this year seemed somewhat strange in these challenging times.  Surprisingly, I have probably received more enquiries on this subject in the last six months, than I would usually receive in a normal year. 

Quite a few of the questions I fielded were more related to HR issues and if salaries could be adjusted to reflect the current difficult trading circumstances, rather than remuneration expectations by employees and employer.  A number of the industry’s high profile managers were only accepting the Job Keeper amount, the same as other staff during the lockdown period.

As we come into the end of the year it maybe salary review time for many, and venues are taking the opportunity to reflect on the year past and restructure their operation for the future.  This is where I am sure many will find my most recent Queensland Salary and Recruitment Report a helpful guide. 

Click here to access the 2020 Queensland Salary and Recruitment Report

As always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

John Dickson


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