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Spirit Hotels

Spirit Hotels, the hotel division of Coles Group commissioned DWS to conduct an assessment of regional areas incorporating six hotel sites. Spirit Hotels specifically wanted to assess market share of each of the hotels relative to competitors as well as to assess the local demographic and monitoring of on-going performance. The following scope of works was included in our proposal:

  • Assessment of the venue design, cleanliness and décor appeal.
  • Identification of customer service standards.
  • Overall market appeal.
  • Market share trend determination and effectiveness.
  • Market report design consultation.
  • Venue ranking analysis to competitor catchment.
  • Monthly performance reports on each site.

Following the initial assessment which included secret shopping at all venues, DWS prepared a report and presentation to Spirit Hotels that provided recommendations on capital expenditure at each of the venues.

Gaming performance reports were finalised for each of the venues and market share was monitored over a number of months. All venues improved performance significantly and one of the venues improved ranking to number one in Queensland.

‘The information and analysis provided by DWS was pivotal in guiding our capital investment program in these properties. The detail of data contained in the market share reports allowed us to closely monitor performance and identify specific returns on investment.’ – Peter Hogg, Spirit Hotels.


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