The Club Industry is defying COVID and charging forward with developments!

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During my recent months I have had many great opportunities to visit various clubs and hear what they are doing to help take themselves through COVID and also what they are planning to do to carry themselves into the future.  From Wynnum Manly Leagues Club to City Golf Club and so many in between, there is a lot of ongoing development which is not only going to result in positive outcomes for these clubs, but also their local communities.  From new dining and accommodation facilities to more job opportunities, this growth will also have a positive effect on local tourism.

I plan on sharing as many of these exciting good news stories as possible over the coming months and this newsletter edition I wanted to start with the Gympie RSL redevelopment.

The club will be creating new dining facilities, bars, lounges, a gaming lounge, and function facilities as well as an increase in parking amenities to alleviate parking issues due to the club’s strategic location in the center of town.  Excitement is growing and the club is hoping the development will be completed before Christmas.

If anything exciting is happening at your venue, drop us a line we’d love to hear your story drop us a message HERE.

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