Unanimous Approval of New Constitution

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New Constitution for Aspley Leagues
Pictured from left to right: Mark Newman (Club General Manager), John Dickson (DWS), Peter Bradfield (Club Chairman) and Steve Buckley (Director)

At a special general meeting called at Aspley Leagues Club to consider a new constitution the members approved the new Constitution unanimously

The new Constitution had been prepared by John Dickson and Karen Miles from DWS.

The process took approximately six months with meetings of the club board and open forums with the club members.

The club hadn’t updated the Constitution for some time and felt it was necessary in the ever-changing responsibilities and environment of the club industry.

This new constitution was one of many that DWS have written in the last six months. Through our involvement with strategic planning and corporate governance, DWS highlight areas of the constitution of associations that warrant attention and ultimately need amending.

The extensive exposure of DWS to these complex issues over a significant period has allowed us to identify successful solutions and draft amendments for the best outcome for hospitality organisations.

If you’re looking to update your constitution, get in touch with our experienced team today!

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