How Secure is Your Facebook Account?

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The answer may surprise you, and not in a good way!  With your venue’s official Facebook and Instagram pages, and followers (aka members) private information now tied directly to your admins personal account, you’ll want to make sure your security is strong! 

I bring this up because recently somebody attempted to login to my Facebook account, which politely concerned me when I saw the notice. Now, I have strong security in place and change my passwords regularly, so whoever was trying to reset my password at 11.35pm the other night was unsuccessful and the attempt has now been reported.

However, this is happening a lot more lately, so here is your timely reminder to double check your security and settings on your Facebook account to remain secure, especially if you are a venue owner or manager that is an admin on your venue’s business account; because access to your personal account, gives hackers access to your business pages, and that is a very big problem for your venue!

Here’s a few quick tips to help you increase your security on your account;

  • Ensure that your password is not easy to guess based on your profile, e.g pet names, partner names, kid names, etc.
  • Use a strong password generator instead, now I know that the passwords are harder to remember, but they’re also harder to guess!
  • Ensure that you have alerts for “unrecognised logins” turned on in your settings.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication (more commonly known as 2FAC) for your personal account. 
  • Double check your authorised logins, if there are any you aren’t familiar with, remove them all so security is back in place for every login attempt that occurs moving forward.
  • At least once a month, go into your settings, select security, then go through and review the list of devices where you are logged in to make sure there aren’t any odd devices. If you don’t recognise a device, you can get Facebook to log you out of every device and then log back in for better security.

While it may seem annoying to constantly have to log in, or coordinate two-factor authentications for access, I can assure you that trying to regain your personal account due to hacking (and then by default any venue or business pages associated with your personal profile) is far more annoying and frustrating, and could lead to legal or financial issues for you and your venue.

So drop everything right now and go do some security work on your account… you’ll thank me later! 

If you want to run through the security checks together, give me a call on 0490 332 462, or email me on I’m only too happy to run you through the safety tips to secure your account!

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