Winton Wonderland

Here at DWS we love to embrace venues far and wide. We really enjoy the opportunity to connect and support with some of our more far flung locations.  Whilst on holiday with his family, John Dickson took the time to check in with our friends in Winton.

The long road to Winton

Starting out at the Winton Golf Club, John was very keen to check out the golfing greens and maybe even play a few rounds.  Much to his dismay and awe, the well-kept Club House was located on a dusty and dry paddock 4kms out of Winton and on further enquiry he discovered that the dusty and dry paddock was in fact the course.  Closer inspection of the “green” found only black sand with no grass in sight.

Travelling into the town centre, John and the family discovered that the main street was not the place to be in middle of the day.  Not only was it completely deserted due to the heat, but you could also lose a foot in the puddle of tar they called the main road.

Relief with a cold beer and soft drinks was found at the famous North Gregory Hotel where Australia’s unofficial anthem, Waltzing Matilda, was born and the dining room glass door features original etchings by acclaimed artist Daphne Mayo (a couple of her more commonly seen works include the Brisbane City Hall tympanum and Qld Women’s War Memorial in ANZAC Square).

John’s grandchildren, who were also along for the trip, experienced an amazing adventure out to the Winton Dinosaur Stampede, where they got to see dinosaur footprints that are 95 million years old and check out the life size dinosaur replicas.

John’s grandson having adventures with the dinosaurs

On return to the office John said he had a great trip; it was fun and interesting and he felt we should all take the time to get out and explore our own country and support these local communities.


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